Planning Ahead: Estimated Parent Contribution and Award Amount

The SPC (Suggested Parental Contribution) Calculator in conjunction with the Estimated Award Amount Worksheet are available to assist you with your planning and budgeting needs. You can use these tools to 1) estimate what the famiy is expected to contribute to the college expenses of the student based on your current financial circumstances and 2) estimate the amount that may be awarded to you by the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund.

Please note that changes to family income, school costs, additional financial aid received, number of family members attending school, or adjustments to the SPC calculations will result in changes to the SPC and/or estimated award amount. The final award amount will be determined after an official application has been submitted and reviewed by Scholarship America.

Step 1: Answer the questions below to determine the Suggested Parental Contribution (SPC)

Step 2: Print the Estimated Award Amount Worksheet (Document will open in a new tab or window.)

Step 3: Enter SPC value calculated in Step 1 on the SPC line of the Estimated Award Amount Worksheet

Step 4: Complete remainder of worksheet to determine estimated award amount


SPC Calculator
If applicant is a dependent child, the parent/guardian must provide this information for the application. If applicant is independent, he/she must provide the information. Adjusted Gross Income and federal income tax amounts should be from parents'/applicant's most recently filed US tax return.

For applicants outside of the United States, please call 877-862-0136 or email for a separate financial data form to complete.

You may recalculate your SPC at any time. Select and change any numbers previously entered on this calculator, then click the Calculate SPC button to update the resulting calculated amount.


Do NOT use commas, symbols or decimal places (for example: enter 12000 not $12,000 or 12000.00 or 12K).

Adjusted Gross Income (Form 1040)
Total US Federal Income Tax Paid (Form 1040)
State of Residence
Total number of family members living in the household and primarily supported by the above income
Total number of family members attending post-secondary school (college) at least half-time during the next school year, including applicant
Total Cash, Checking, Savings, and Cash Value of Stocks (exclude 9/11 Federal Victim's Compensation, 9/11 Life Insurance Proceeds, Other 9/11 Related Benefits, Retirement Plan Funds, IRA, 401K)
Marital Status of parent/guardian or self
Total Income of Surviving Parent or Disabled Victim or Self
Total Income of Spouse of Disabled Victim or Spouse of Independent Student
Medical and Dental Expenses Not Paid by Insurance (exclude premiums)
* Suggested Parent Contribution per student (SPC)

*The SPC value above is the estimated amount that the family is expected to contribute annually to the student’s education based on the information provided.

Award Amount Formula
The formula used to determine the award amount is as follows:

School Costs
   minus SPC (as calculated above)
   minus Other Scholarship and Grants
Equals: Financial Need

Award Amount = Financial Need multiplied by % of need to be allocated for the year
The percentage of need to be paid for the 2020/21 academic year is 44%. The percentage fluctuates from year to year based on an annually conducted actuarial study.