Program Information

The Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund benefits financially needy dependent children, spouses, and domestic partners of 9/11 victims.

Scholarship assistance is available to eligible students who enroll in an undergraduate program of study at an accredited two- or four-year college or university, or vocational-technical school in the United States. Limited funding is also available for graduate study. Most funds provide scholarship assistance for a maximum of four years or its equivalent, depending on total funding available. Our financial need formula is used to determine award amounts for each eligible student

Who is eligible?

Only individuals registered with the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund are eligible to apply. For detailed information, review the eligibility guidelines on the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund website.

How do I apply?

Begin by creating an application account on this site. You will be required to provide your Families of Freedom ID when creating your online account. Please contact Scholarship America via email if you do not know your Families of Freedom ID; this ID will not be provided over the phone.

Eligible Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund registrants may submit a scholarship application if they are currently enrolled or will be enrolled in the current or upcoming academic year. You may not apply if your term has already ended.

Option 1 - MAY 15 DEADLINE
This option is only available to full-time undergraduate students attending school for the entire upcoming academic year. Students who want to be notified of their award amount for the entire academic year prior to their fall term start date must submit an application by May 15.

Option 2 - ROLLING DEADLINE (Application must be submitted before the end of the term.)
This option is available for part-time undergraduate students, graduate students, or those taking individual or certification courses. Full-time undergraduate students, who missed the May 15 deadline, must submit a term application using option 2.

If you are ready to begin, click to Create an application account. If you have already created your application account, click to Log into your application account.

Helpful Hints:

  • Once your online application account has been created and you have provided profile information, you will have access to the application form and several helpful links.
  • You can leave the site during the application process by clicking on the 'Save and Log Out' link located in the navigation menu on each application page. You will need to log in with your username and password to return to your account.
  • Carefully review your application before submission. We recommend you print a hard copy for your records. Do not send a printed copy to Scholarship America.
  • Be sure your application is complete before hitting the 'Lock and Submit' button. After you submit the application, no changes can be made. You will no longer have access to the submitted application.

Do I need to provide any documents?

Details are provided on the 'Supporting Documents' page of your application.

How and when will I be notified?

If you apply using Option 1, you will be notified by mail by the end of July.

If you apply using Option 2, you will be notified by mail 4-6 weeks after your complete application and all required supporting documents are received.

How and when are scholarships paid?

If you apply using Option 1, the award will be mailed to your home address in two installments in mid-August and December 30. The checks are made payable to the school on behalf of the student.

If you apply using Option 2, you will receive an email verifying your application is complete. It will then take approximately four to six weeks for your application to complete the decisions process, and your award check, made out to your school, will be mailed to your permanent home address.

Questions? Contact us:

Phone: 877-862-0136
Fax: 507-931-2109 (Attn: Families of Freedom)

Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund
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